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PPC – Pay Per Click

PPC – Pay Per Click


What Is Pay Per Click or PPC?

Most search results on Google are a blend of natural results and paid results. The paid results, the ones including a small green square with the word “Ad” in them, are created using the Google Adwords platform.

The advertising model Google uses for these adverts is Pay Per Click. In other words, advertisers only pay a fee to Google when someone clicks their advert. Bing works the same way.

Google constantly changes the look and feel of the paid search results. They used to be clearly differentiated from the natural results but now look much the same. This means they are now being clicked more and have become more powerful.

Facebook and other social media channels also provide the option of PPC advertising on their sites. Facebook Ads give you the opportunity to target users very precisely based on a large number of demographic and personal characteristics.


Why Invest In PPC?

Most digital marketing relies on people clicking through to your website. The reason companies invest in search engine optimisation is to appear higher up the search results in the hope this results in more visitors arriving on their website.

Securing good search results in most markets is a long game. It can take months or even years to push a web page up the rankings for a particular search term, PPC short-circuits this.

It’s a fast track way of gaining exposure and getting traffic to your website and in some cases works out cheaper than securing natural search listings.

That said, for most businesses PPC is only part of the mix and works alongside inbound marketing, SEO, content marketing and social media activity.

Done right, it’s very powerful and cost-effective but getting it wrong can be very costly. We’ll make sure your PPC campaign delivers fantastic value for money.


Why Choose to Work with Us?

We offer PPC as part of a much bigger digital marketing offering. This means we don’t look at your paid search campaigns in isolation, we make sure they dovetail with all your digital marketing activities and deliver a great return on investment.